Review Policy & Requests

We at Wicked Babes are committed to HONESTY when reviewing. We do not receive any compensation for our reviews, except for the possible free review copies from publishers and/or authors. We assure you that any free book received will in no way affect our ability to review it HONESTLY.

Please take into consideration that if your book is not selected it does not mean we don’t like it. It could just be that it is not our preferred genre.

We will try to read and review as many as possible as long as we have the time. We will not post any reviews that are under a 3 star rating. If we are unable to rate it higher than 3 stars we will contact the author or publisher to let them know. Just because we may not rate it higher than 3 does not mean that the book is bad, it could simply mean it was not to our liking. There are many books out there that I would rate a 5 star review while another person may only rate it 1-2 stars.

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