J&M Editing & Design/Promotions

J&M Promotions

We offer services such as cover reveals, blitzes, facebook events, blog tours and Editing/Proofreading.
Any questions email us at wickedblog15@gmail.com
We will send an HTML for everything hosted to make it easy and quick for everyone.

Cover Reveals – $35
Cover reveals are a great way to get readers interested in your book before it comes out. You prove us with the material needed such as cover pic, full jacket (if avail), author bio, author pic (if used) as well as a blurb/synopsis. I will in turn put together a sign up form and distribute to bloggers to sign up. I will put together a Reveal packet and distribute to signed up blogs 48 hours prior to scheduled reveal. Giveaways are an added bonus that can be included but they are optional.
Blitz – $40 (no review) $50 (w/ review)
Blitz can be for a new release or we can do a book blitz for a previously released book you want to get more exposure on. You will provide the materials needed, ie… cover, blurb, buy links, author links, author bio, author pic (if used). I will provide sign up forms, create a banner to use (unless you have one you would prefer to be used), contact blogs to sign up. I will provide all blogs with material needed for the Blitz. A Giveaway can be included but is optional and up to the author.
** If a review is included author will need to provide a copy of ARC to us two weeks prior to the event to ensure all bloggers have time to review. (if shorter time frame we do have other options)
Blog Tour $85 (5 days) $100 (10 days)
A blog tour will be either 5 days or 10 days excluding the weekends. You will proved materials needed, cover, teasers, blurb, buy links, author links, author bio, author pic (if used) ect. As well as ARC of the book. I will handle sign ups, distribution of ARC, creating
banner (if one not designated), as well as provide bloggers with the materials needed for the tour. I ask all reviewers who cannot rate your book 3 stars or higher to not post review until after the tour has ended. Tour options are up to the author and will be agreed upon. Including but not limited to Author interview, Character interviews, Playlists, Dreamcasts, Review, and Excerpts. Tour stops will be promoted on Facebook and Twitter.A Giveaway can be added but is optional.
J&M Editing
* Copy Editing – $0.003 per word. We would seek out and find all errors of spelling,  punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and word usage while still keeping your meaning and voice. With your permission we may rewrite tangled sentences or suggest alternative wording.
* Proofreading – $0.002 per word. We will correct errors overlooked during copyediting or during the design process. We can also cross-check and ensure that any earlier changes were made correctly.
If you are looking to have both CopyEditing and Proofreading done by Wicked Babes we have a package deal of $0.004 per word when paid in full.
Payments for Editing/Proofreading can be worked out in a payment schedule if needed.
We do ask that at least ½ is paid up front to start the project or if we select another payment option once you contact us this can be discussed and arranged.
J&M Formatting
More information to come
·       * I recommend scheduling services at least 2 weeks in advance.  Too short of notice will not be guaranteed a spot.(but doesn’t mean we wont be able to fit you in)
·      *  Invoices will be sent upon agreement and are to be paid prior to us providing services requested.
·      * Author is responsible for any and all prizes offered for giveaways
·      * Packages can be changed to authors preferences
·      * Prices are subject to change
·      * Reviews are not guaranteed. If you would like a spreadsheet of blogs who signed up for
reviews as well as the tour/blitz please don’t hesitate to ask.
·      * Authors please make yourselves available as much as possible during the tour/blitz.
Commenting/Sharing blogger posts ie blog, fb, twitter is highly recommended.


Other packets can be made please do not hesitate
to email and ask questions. 

J&M Design